Art Recognition Case Studies

See some examples of how our AI System is trained and what it can accomplish – especially for controversial artworks.

Are you curious to find out how we achieve digital authentication with our Artificial Intelligence analysis?

Browse our case study articles illustrating how our AI system can handle even some of the most controversial pieces of art.

Case study: Vincent van Gogh, “Self-portrait”

A leading van Gogh expert asked us in 2019 to authenticate several paintings by the Dutch impressionist, among them the controversial “Self-portrait” from The Oslo National Museum. The result of our analysis – it’s authentic! – was confirmed only weeks later through extensive, extraordinary research conducted by the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Case study: Kees van Dongen, “Nu en buste”

Kees van Dongen was a Dutch-French painter and one of the leading figures in the Fauve movement at the beginning of the 20th century. In the last two decades, two almost-identical versions of a painting entitled “Nu en Buste” attributed to him were brought to auction. The owner of one of the versions turned to Art Recognition to bring clarity to an intricate story…

Case study: Max Pechstein: “Seine Bridge with Freight Barges”

Star forger Beltracchi has produced numerous paintings in the style of various artists. ‘Seine bridge with freight barges’ was particularly elaborate, as experts found out that he used a projector to learn the artist’s brushstroke. Nevertheless, the algorithm developed at Art Recognition has discovered the mismatch, and classified the piece as fake with very high probability.