Accessible, modern, and objective digital art authentication

Art Recognition combines unbiased data science with the love of art.

Art authentication without the uncertainty.

Authenticity is paramount when it comes to art. For you, as an art lover or experts, the ability to accurately evaluate an artwork’s authenticity is crucial before deciding to invest.

We eliminate uncertainty and inauthenticity in art by using AI-technology.  

Art Recognition’s award-winning AI System evaluates the authenticity of an artwork swiftly and objectively, no matter where the art piece is located. When you collect and trade art you can then feel secure in the knowledge that our AI System offers protection and peace of mind. 

The way our application confirms the authenticity of a work of art is by simply analysing a photograph of it. Upon uploading a photograph of a work of art, you will receive a detailed and encrypted AI Report and Certificate – no delays or extra transportation and insurance fees are needed as everything is managed digitally. 

Our safe, easy, and simple yet powerful method of evaluating art enhances the transparency and integrity of the global art market. Putting AI to use in collecting art makes the process much more accessible, and offers you the valid assurance needed when dealing with art. 

Meet the Art Recognition Team

Carina Popovici, Art Recognition

Dr. Carina Popovici

Chief Executive Officer
& co-founder

Carina Popovici, Art Recognition

Lukas Knecht

Chief Financial Officer

Carina Popovici, Art Recognition

Amaya Aramburu

Client Relationship Manager
Carina Popovici, Art Recognition

Johanna Induni

Art Historian

Carina Popovici, Art Recognition

Paul Moineville

AI Development

Marco Latella

Marco Latella

Intern AI Development
Foto of Eric Postma by Jan van der Ploeg

Prof. Dr. Eric Postma

Scientific Advisor

Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

Ully Wille

Business Advisor

Art dealer, former head of Sotheby’s in Zurich

Jason Bailey

Business Advisor

ArtTech entrepreneur and public speaker

Activities and achievements


Every piece of art evaluated by our AI Technology enhances the security and comfort for those of you who deal in and love art.

Art Recognition has completed over 500 AI authenticity evaluations for ...

... over 100 private collectors, auction houses, art dealers, consultancies, galleries, and legal authorities.

Art Recognition has been part of the Eurostars-2 joint programme of the European Union since 2019.


Our achievements are covered by worldwide media outlets. Read our selection of news articles.