Behind the screens

Art Recognition combines our passion for art with unbiased data science.

Art is about authenticity – and so is the art market. Reliably evaluating whether an artwork is genuine is crucial for art lovers and experts.

Our AI System offers protection and peace of mind to those collecting and trading art. It verifies the authorship of an artwork just by analysing a photograph of it. The evaluation relies on trusted data and leads to accurate and unbiased results.

This safe and easily accessible method enhances the transparency and integrity of the global art market.

Management Team

Carina Popovici, Art Recognition

Dr. Carina Popovici

Managing Partner

Carina holds a PhD in theoretical particle physics and has worked as a quantitative risk specialist in the Swiss banking industry. Her broad interdisciplinary interests have enabled her to develop advanced AI algorithms with applications in physics, finance, and art.

Christiane Hoppe, Art Recognition

Christiane Hoppe-Oehl


Christiane holds a diploma in applied mathematics. In her 20-year banking industry career, she primarily developed financial forecasting models. She has led numerous cross-divisional and international teams and projects.

Activities and achievements


Each and every piece we evaluate with our AI elevates the security and comfort of art lovers and experts.

Art Recognition has completed over 400 AI authenticity assessments for ...

... over 50 private collectors, art dealers, consultancies, galleries, and 1 auction house.

Art Recognition has been part of the Eurostars-2 joint programme of the European Union since 2019.

Our achievements are covered by worldwide media outlets. Read our selection of news articles.

Advisory Board


The members of our advisory board assist us with their vast industry knowledge to increase the applicability and performance of the Art Recognition AI System.

Foto of Eric Postma by Jan van der Ploeg

Prof. Dr. Eric Postma

Scientific Advisor

Tilburg University, pioneer in applying digital methods to art

Ully Wille

Business Advisor

Art dealer, former head of Sotheby’s in Zurich

Jason Bailey

Business Advisor

Journalist, public speaker, and ArtTech pioneer