Shaping Tomorrow’s Art Authentication with AI

Shaping Tomorrow’s Art Authentication with AI

The Art Recognition award-winning AI system verifies the authenticity of an artwork based only on a photograph of it.

Cutting-edge AI technology

Our proprietary technology, backed by precise models and an extensive database, has been published in computer science journals after rigorous peer review.

Rapid and Precise Results

Receive 100% objective and unbiased results in a matter of days.

Accessible and cost-effective

No matter where your artwork is located, we authenticate it digitally, eliminating the hassle and fees of transportation and insurance.

Objective evaluation

Results are purely data-driven, with no human intervention. You will only receive the AI’s evaluation of your artwork’s authenticity.

Art Authentication made effortless

With just a few clicks, gain peace of mind that the art you’re dealing with is genuine. Allow our advanced AI system to do the hard work for you.


Upload a photograph of your artwork on our secure web platform.


Allow our AI system to evaluate it.


Receive your AI Authentication Report or Certificate in as little as 7 to 10 days.

Professionals from all over the world are already using Art Recognition to authenticate their art.

We are proud that over 100 institutions, art professionals, and private art enthusiasts trust our AI System to evaluate the authenticity of their beloved art. Here is what they have to say about their experience with Art Recognition:

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Our partners

Art Recognition proudly receives support from renowned art insurance, giant tech corporations, and prominent academic and artistic institutions.