Instant Evaluation of
Art Authenticity

The Art Recognition computer system assesses the authenticity of an artwork
by analyzing its photographic reproduction.

What we do

Our tool is able to evaluate the authenticity of an artwork by analyzing its photographic reproduction. The system is based on cutting-edge AI technologies. It is fast, reliable, non-invasive, and unbiased. It can be applied to many artworks at a time. By offering this program to the art world, we want to contribute to the integrity and transparency of the art market.


Fast and unbiased analysis of whether an artwork is genuine or not based on the latest methods of artificial intelligence. Whether as an aid to art experts or as the first quick check for collectors, art dealers, auction houses, museums or insurance companies – it does not require sending the original to distant countries, and the answer is available in minutes instead of weeks.


How it works

The algorithm has learned the characteristic features of the artist from a set of photographic reproductions of original paintings by that artist. Based on a photo of a painting in question, the tool checks whether the learned characteristics match those of the new artwork. We provide the results in the form of a report which summarizes the most important steps of the analysis.

Management Team



Managing Partner

Carina holds a PhD in theoretical particle physics, and has been employed as a quantitative risk analyst in the Swiss banking industry. She has worked on developing advanced statistical and machine-learning based models with applications in both physics and finance.




Christiane holds a diploma in Applied Mathematics (mathematics, economics, finance, IT). She has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial industry, developing forecasting models, leading cross-divisional and international projects and teams, and preparing proposals for senior management.


Ully Wille

Ully ran the Sotheby’s Zurich branch office for almost a decade, after having worked in their impressionist department in London. He is now successfully leading his own business, specializing in 19/20th art.

Prof. Dr. Eric Postma

Eric is Professor in AI at Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in ‘s- Hertogenbosch. He is one of the pioneers of applying digital analysis into art and has initiated and led several projects focused on digital analysis of paintings.

Jason Bailey

Jason is the founder of Artnome – trying to trigger an art analytics revolution by building the world’s largest analytical database of art works. Working under the motto “Exploring art through data” Artnome has formulated as a mission to “Improve the art historical record through better data to help fight against forgery”.

News from Art Recognition

Art Recognition in New York

Art Recognition in New York

In March 2019 Art Recognition will come to New York to kick off the market entry camp, supported by Swissnex.

We will meet people from museums, art dealers, art experts, etc. to bring the product to one of the most important art markets in the world…

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